Dyspora aka Gabriel Akon: Playback808

Adelaide, South Australia is a fairly humble town – known as the dirty south in Australia, and an incredibly strong festival, creative state at that. In the 2000’s, South Australia welcomed many African immigrant families; refugee’s to populate particular areas of the state. With much diversity expanding the interest of the states development and creative output, there has been a new emergence of “African / Australian” teenagers and young adults, carving cultural waves of exceptional talent in music – particularly hip hop. One of the young adults leading the way is Dyspora, aka Gabriel Akon of Playback808: A cultural collective and record label born to support the emerging and rising talent of Adelaide’s boutique, but high calibre music scene. Dyspora doubles as a sonic activist and sociopolitical advocate who speaks of real issues concerning culture, youth, music and politics. He is a voice to be reckoned with: A strength in talent, presence, community and career trajectory. We can all learn something from Dyspora as he seeks and speaks of truth, justice and success for all those he chooses to associate with: Mostly millennials with the ability to effect change for the future of humanity, society, culture, and the music scene of South Australia, and Australia. Unequivocally “one to watch”.

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