Elsy Wameyo: Intuition

Young r’n’b soul singer, Elsy Wameyo hails from Adelaide, South Australia. And in the spirit of International Women’s Day, we want to give a big fat shoutout to Elsy, who is the only female member of record label, Playback 808. Elsy most recently released single ‘Intuition’, and is carving a path as an emerging artist in the dirty south. Elsy talks with @lasskaa from @thepeopleseries on what it’s like to be and create in an all male collective, that is Playback; insights into the progress of her career, and what she has in store for the future… For more on Elsy, click here.

Check out Elsy’s interview with Lasskaa here:

Behind the Scenes of Elsy…

Photos by Chris Galimitakis Photography

Photo by Leon Tran of Momentum

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