Earry Hall: See You Soon

It’s the All Star Weekend and parties galore unleash themselves upon the long weekend in LA: Nike, Adidas, BET / Death Row, Black Panther and a whole bunch more are showcasing their story, top tier performances and attracting the cool kids of LA to celebrate a baller of a weekend. Literally. Larger experiences aside, there’s a smaller up rising that’s been brewing beneath the surfaces of LA’s cultural underground – building upon the already dope and existing vibe of Founder, Earry Hall (based on a true story), that is See You Soon: A collection of parties 100% centered around the music, eccentricity, electricity, community, and good vibes: Individuals that know how to come together, not to be seen, but in the spirt of nothing short of a good time get down – “this ain’t a party – it’s family“. Follow Earry Hall and See You Soon for updates and for future mischievous nights outside of LA’s status quo.

A taste of the good times – post by @seeyousoon.us

The one and only Earry Hall – photo by @j.essink

See You Soon exerts

Written by @georgiispeakman of @thepeopleseries for Earry Hall & See You Soon

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