The Militia Movement: Nvsty Militia

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In the back blocks, streets and underground music scene in Australia is a movement that’s slowly emerging. The boyz of #nvstymilitia / @nvstymilitia are making waves writing, producing and collaborating on a music style and sound – a flavor that’ll continue to put the Southern Hemisphere’s #dirtysouth on the map. Hailing from the humble, but gritty town that can be Adelaide, South Australia; Nvsty Militia are all about focus, integrity, hard work; staying true to the underground, and last but not least, quality sound and style. Today’s music and social media landscapes are filled with much noise – distractions that can throw artists and other individuals off balance. But the true meaning of Nvsty means #family #militia and an incredibly bright, and promising future that’ll soon be known to the all consuming masses. Simply put, #watchthisspace:

@NvstyMilitia playing live at a Red Bull Event, Australia

Photos by: @huumartin

Brought to you by @thepeopleseries

Written by @georgiispeakman

Hosted by @lasskaa

Feat. @nvstymilitia // // @anesumatan & @taffydzimano // Nvsty Militia’s YouTube

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