Maurice Slade: Grits & Biscuits – More Than A Dirty South Set

“Good ideas never happen in isolation…” Maurice Slade, Co-Founder / Creator, Grits & Biscuits

We all know that Los Angeles is a robust cultural melting pot of art, music, design, tech; multiculturalism, entrepreneurialism, big ideas and big dreams. Reflections of these notions are found in the unique offerings and creative expressions of individuals who are in the business of making a difference: The individuals that take a piece of who they are and intertwine it into an authentic reflection of what they stand for, believe in, are inspired by; resulting in genuine contributions to culture and the opportunity to harness community. In Maurice Slade’s case, he’s successfully Co-Founded Grits & Biscuits – a premiere entertainment concept that “celebrates the southern experience through urban music, cultural connections and nightlife moves in a down home environment…”

But rewinding for a minute; after growing up in Mo City, Texas, Maurice moved to New York City to pursue a career in music – housing himself on his brothers couch for his first year, enduring the New York City hustle and grind because where he came from, “the entertainment industry didn’t’ really exist”. After breaking into Complex magazine as his first gig, he then spent time at Universal Records before harnessing a career at Roc Nation, where he currently resides today; managing social and digital for several of Roc’s hip hop artists (i.e. J Cole, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Belly and others). But it’s not necessarily this gig that defines him.

Maurice has contributed to the evolution of the subcultural underground (realized in Grits & Biscuits) from a super simple and authentic motivation; to bring he and his closest friends together over Southern (food) and tunes. What started as a local Southern BBQ cook-up, evolved with expanding the circle of friends, and Maurice (and his brother) spinning a selection of southern beats. These experiences soon became the national sold-out parties that they are today (minus the food). When a motivation is pure, you can create magic, and in this instance, Grits & Biscuits welcomes everyone to just “be themselves” and to twerk the night away without VIP, no bottle service and no dress code; uniting everyone with the opportunity to get down and dirty over a southern set that’s curated in the moment. As for the music set, “nothing is planned”. Maurice and his brother simply vibe off the energy of the crowd.

Listen in to our dialogue here on what makes Grits & Biscuits so special + why; what it takes to make an experience and brand like this so sustainably successful, and how plans to leverage the platform could just help to solve a few other world issues, one dirty party at a time.



The People Series is available via iTunes and the ‘Theory of Mind’ channel on Dash Radio.

Interview recorded at Dash Radio, Hollywood.

Interview Hosted and post Written by Georgii Speakman


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