The Human Condition Exhibition

I recently attended the Human Condition Exhibition on the east side of LA: An immersive, site-specific exhibition that featured the work of over eighty emerging and established artists in a uniquely challenging space: A former hospital in West Adams, previously known as the Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center. Curated and produced by the Los Angeles-based art advisor John Wolf, Human Condition invited artists to re-contextualize the hospital’s functional history—over 40,000 square feet of it—as a venue to explore what it means to be human… Into the depths of the hospital over three levels were weird and wonderful, comprised of pop-ups, paintings, drawings, statues, digital art and more. Some rooms boasting a greater and creepier vibe than others – interpretation of all the works left very much up to the individual. One of my favorite installations was that of Amir Fallah‘s on the third and final floor of the space. ‘Evil Eye‘ “took over and reimagined a post-surgery recovery room within the hospital as an oasis for rehabilitation. During the hospital’s lengthy history, tens of thousands of patients were brought into this room to heal following major procedures—many losing their lives in the process. Fallah converts the space into a psychedelic recovery room bathed in the purple glow of grow lights and covered in an array of domestic objects and textiles. The walls feature figurative paintings from the artist’s studio, photosynthesizing plants and evil eye pendants, and prayer beads that ward off bad spirits and bring luck to the space. Evil Eye is an antidote to the hospital’s cold and sterile environment, providing a warm and inviting escape from the grim reality of a hospital left for dead…”:


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Check out some of the additional photos I took exploring at the exhibition:

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Reviewed, written by Georgii Speakman

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