No More Parties in LA

Los Angeles and the individuals in it are always up for exploring. With creativity and openness at its core, it’s a city that seeks out the next and new experience that challenges all the senses. What I love about LA is its ability to curate new experiences by the individual, for the individual. And I see it continually moving away from the bottle popping cliched club party environment (although this will always have a place), and into an ecosystem that nurtures the underground with a unique mission; the personalized and the high touch. Upon reflection of 2016, the few late night ventures that particularly caught my attention included:

From Foreign + Rail Up – that provides “…An outside perspective…”. A night that usually takes place in the DTLA region, in the back streets, back blocks and back lanes of Eastside LA. They (Adam Cooper & Co.) don’t release the address until 10pm and the location is always a warehouse that makes for a dope environment of incredible highly curated tunes from Dj’s that really know how to get a crowd up…and down.

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Creative renegade and super muffin, Earry Hall (of See You Soon Thank God It’s Monday) whose personal mission reflects the notion of what to expect from his curated evenings: “…As a creative I’m constantly trying to push boundaries and learn how to tell aesthetic stories more vividly. As a designer I spend time with my craft, practicing the fundamentals of each discipline I wish to speak through. And with these tools my goal is to invoke emotion and inspire action. Whether it’s through someone reaching for product they feel as made for them or being moved by an ad I’ve worked on. The work featured is a collection of ideas and dreams I’ve brought to life with the brands and collectives that wanted to push boundaries with me…” ‘See You Soon: Homie + Lover + Friends‘ takes place at The Standard’s Rooftop, DTLA, which brings an insanely cool vibe and promises to make you move to eclectic sounds and R&B, surrounded by cool down to earth people. ‘Thank God It’s Monday‘ brings electric soul and rare groove to the Library Bar, also in DTLA.

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Grits & Biscuits – my favorite dirty south night that operates as a “premiere entertainment concept that celebrates the southern experience through urban music, cultural connections and nightlife moves in a down home environment” attracts a killer crowd that knows how to shake a booty like no other. Having lived in South Carolina myself in 1997, I remember being blown away by the tunes and beats then. Grits + Biscuits is a night that really drives those memories back home. It’s been so successful that G+B partnered with Live Nation to travel the country to leave a bit of the dirty south in the cities of the country that appreciate dope tunes and authentic vibes.


gb1 gb2


Then you have renown brands like Adidas Originals curating local vibes in store, i.e. on Melrose Avenue for an LA Producer’s showcase – a night of Dj’s, discussions and Producers (DJ Dahi, Thx, Pac Div and C Watts) in theme of the #TheCreatorsCorner, attracting creatives from cross pollinating industries, hosted by King Thurz and DJ Honey.




Whilst there are several more great experiences to be had in and around LA, these were just a few where everything felt pretty perfect and the vibes were rich. Looking forward to seeing what LA brings in 2017.

Written by Georgii Speakman | @georgiispeakman

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