“So ask yourself… When did you realize you were worthy? When did you decide you were worth more than ‘that‘?” Audrey Bellis, Founder (Worthy Women Conference 2016)

I’m excited and proud to announce my involvement in 2016’s Worthy Women Conference. Having this statement (“worthy women”) floating around my head has made me think about what it means to feel and be “worthy” as a woman. Firstly, every single human being on planet earth is born “worthy” – that’s a god given, human right, but to move into more micro thinking and how the concept of being a worthy women applies to a female in today’s work environment, and living in a city as perceivably “tough” and competitive as Los Angeles; to me still remains a super simple one: Worthiness, no doubt has to come from within. One of my favorite sayings is “if you don’t go within, you go without”. I feel this to be true: Your levels of worthiness are in direct reflection of how you feel about yourself and choose to show up to the world and others.

As it pertains to the conference, Founder, Audrey Bellis shares “Worthy Women started with a vision and a belief that everything we do stems from a place of whether we “feel worthy” or are hustling to make others believe that we are. Too often we play it small or safe, we talk ourselves down from our dreams and second guess our abilities. It’s easy to forget that the possibilities we envision for ourselves stem from what we think we deserve. To build relationships, businesses, and find our creativity we must first accept and believe we are worthy of them, because we inherently are worthy. We created our free monthly event series as a safe space for tech and creative entrepreneurial women to learn best practices needed for success. But also to create a safe space and supportive community of amazing women who dare to play by their own rules, forge their own path, and live their true self worth. So ask yourself… When did you realize you were worthy? When did you decide you were worth more than ‘that‘?


Check out Worth Women Conference 2016 and nominate yourself or another as a “woman of worth”: http://www.worthywomen.co/community/ — you and they deserve it.

Written by Georgii Speakman

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