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“I’m most passionate about building brands and businesses and really helping talent expand outside the traditional boundaries in the music business. I always look at something as a brand; how to tell a story and how to market something in a different way using the latest trends, technologies… I like to be as knowledgable about what’s happening in the space so I can do my best to be a little more progressive…” Michelle Edgar

Michelle Edgar dominates life with a positive attitude, and in my eyes, is a true female gangster. Whilst she refers to herself as ‘aggressive’, I agree she’s a fierce and passionate woman, but who boasts humility, inner strength, care and compassion – all reflected in the work she does; in addition to projecting an infectious energy – the type that lights and shakes up any room. The result of this has been her natural pursuit of all things progressive – organic extensions of her passions, interests and greatest loves: From having Founded Music Unites about a decade ago (a non-profit that funds sustainable music education programs in underserved public schools nationwide); having created Sound Bytes exclusively in partnership with Soho House (a curated dialogue in a panel format that explores movements in the music/entertainment/tech related industries), through to having most recently established The XX Project (an online community that empowers and supports entrepreneurial women and business leaders).

My question to all of the Entrepreneurs I engage is ‘where the hell do you find the time?’. But as Michelle and many others have stated, it doesn’t feel like and it’s not “work” when you’re pursuing all that you love. Hailing from New York, Michelle agrees that it’s a “great time to be in Los Angeles” – so much creative curation taking place across numerous complimentary industries, and luckily, Michelle is at the forefront of spearheading a lot of that. Having started out in journalism rising through the ranks of Vanity Fair, WWD to OK Magazine (as Beauty Director) aligning brands with music and film talent (tied to major entertainment franchises from Oscar’s, Grammy’s and fashion week); through to doing time at FruktKIDinaKORNER, Redlight Management and Warner Bros. Records: Michelle has been carving out a path as a renown impactful entertainment executive for some time now. 

She’s orchestrated the development of creative and innovative marketing platforms, and campaigns for artists including, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Dave Matthews, Lionel Richie, Imagine Dragons, Skylar Grey, X Ambassadors, Tiesto, Gary Clark Jr. and Theophilus London to name a few. Michelle has consulted on tour and achieved festival sponsorships, activations, endorsements, licensing and new product development. Michelle’s work in music has also led her to work with artists in various capacities, such as Swizz Beatz, Eve, Sting, Mark Ronson, Melanie Fiona and Peter Bjorn & John to host events for Music Unites, amongst other endeavors. On the brand side, Michelle has secured corporate sponsorships to support Music Unites with the likes of Rolling Stone, Pepsi, Axe, Garnier, Bebe and OK magazine. 

She’s a true ‘OG‘: From her efforts and success in philanthropy, coupled with providing a platform for entrepreneurial business women effecting change (The XX Project); amplifying and elevating voices of others makes her a true female gangster. Michelle’s ammunition is tenacity, a great eye (for talent) and of course, curiosity.

I’m all for supporting the kick a$$ woman who don’t take “no” for an answer. Michelle Edgar is here to stay; make waves and leave a memorable legacy touching one important life at a time. To hear more from this amazing woman, listen in via the Soundcloud link above; direct via Soundcloud or iTunes.

“I was born fearless…” Michelle Edgar

Michelle Edgar Instagram | LinkedIn

Interview recorded at BNV Studios | BNV Studios Instagram | BNV Studios Twitter

Hosted and written by Georgii Speakman

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