Chris Denson: Innovation Enthusiast Reinventing Impact

“No matter what level of success you obtain, whether you’re just setting out or if you’ve been doing something for thirty years, there’s always a new plateau, there’s always a new avenue to explore, there’s always some form of growth opportunity; either one you’re dead set on and looking at or one that you don’t see, and so I like to help bridge that gap… There’s always at least one road you can take that no one else is thinking of taking…” Chris Denson

Chris Denson and I wrapped up our conversation with a dance off to Snoop’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot‘. I encouraged him to bust some moves like Chris Brown in the Club Nation video of Cali Swag’s ‘Teach Me How To Dougie‘, but it didn’t quite work out. Either way, we got to celebrate the great dialogue and what it takes to “step into greatness” at 40. And the man still has some moves…!

Currently the Director of Omnicom Media Group‘s Ignition Factory, (the group responsible for emerging innovations across media, technology, and culture for OMD’s Fortune 50 clients); Chris is a creative problem solver, idea maker and self proclaimed ‘innovation enthusiast’. This means a great deal of his time is spent expanding ideas, reaching new plateaus and exploring the impossible. Chris also channels his take on the world curating conversations via his super successful interview series with leaders of industry, ‘Innovation Crush‘ – a #1 ranked show with over 700,000 listeners around the world. In addition, he’s an advisor to the SXSW 2016 Accelerator; to The White House’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit, serving on the ‘Council of Excellence’ and is a regular guest speaker at industry trade events, and educational institutions (amongst other things).

He’s the first to admit – “I have a problem saying no”… But he’s on the path towards ‘increasing his capacity to output’ and acknowledging that ‘capacity increases with a greater ability to delegate’. In talking recipes for success and “getting it done”; Chris states that “most good entrepreneurs and leaders are ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, but they’re good orchestrators…They know how to identify the best talent in areas they’re not proficient in”. And from my observations and knowledge of Chris, his ability to orchestrate lends itself to igniting great thought starters for those he reaches; orchestrating curiosity in others; seeking out ‘mentor moments’ as he calls them – “I look at life as a series of mentor moments…I look at every exchange as an opportunity to give and receive”; and orchestrating his own ability to continually rise to the occasion for his wider pursuits – as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur of all things progressive.

In Chris’ case, I like that ‘stepping into greatness’ seems to directly correlate with the degree in which you might choose to show up to yourself and others: Showing up to your own grander vision of personal/professional dreams, passions and goals. It’s an ability to check yourself and be accountable to make change; allowing yourself to be supported and be supportive. Stepping into greatness is recognizing the deprecating voice in your head that we all suffer from at times, aka “the impostor syndrome”, and ultimately “realizing that your value has value and should be scaled, and not thinking that it should be muted in any way, in any moment”: Great 24/7 thinking to harness. I feel this is only the beginning of how greatness can be fully realized for Chris, and with a newly assigned team to help him scale his personal profile, and existing platforms; I feel confident the skies the limit for this one. 

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Interview recorded at BNV Studios, Hollywood | BNV Studios Instagram | BNV Studios Twitter

Written and Hosted by Georgii Speakman

Portraits by Georgii Speakman

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