Kiel Berry: Architecting the Evolution of Tech and Creativity

“Focus on the work in the shadows; focus on the practice – be the self motivated when no one’s looking so when you are in the spotlight or if you have the opportunity to be in the spotlight – you’re ready and prepared for that opportunity…” Kiel Berry (KB)


In today’s world, it’s hard to silence the clutter and it’s often a mission to find the perfect balance. There’s so much to consume in all areas of life and if we want to achieve (epic) success, it often feels like we can’t take the finger off the pulse or else we’ll miss some kind of beat. I recently read an article via Business Insider titled “11 Daily Habits of Self-Made Billionaires Anyone Can Adopt“. Some of the resounding qualities these billionaires (i.e. Bill Gates, Mark Cuban et al) share include: They meditate, they’re charitable, they wake up early, stick to routines, live below their means, pursue their passion, read, exercise regularly, and more. These all seem like fairly simple, achievable pursuits to me. But in the process of evolving these pillars of success in ones own life, there’s a sincere art and science in coming to know how to best drive the development of your own self awareness, self trust and of course, trust in the universe. Possessing this sensibility gives wild flow to your life and allows the perfect kind of journey to unfold. In my opinion, Kiel Berry has hit this sweet spot of balance as a master architect of his own life: Curating valuable experiences for himself and of course others. As the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Machine Shop Ventures, the companies mission is to connect people and innovation (globally) through technology and design, focusing on early-to-growth stage consumer driven ventures – exploring start ups that are really trying to change the world and are all tackling big problems (from music, entertainment, digital media, gaming, VR to wearables). Hailing as a genuine global citizen, “the least American American you’ll meet” (KB), has informed Kiel’s ability to move and shake with quiet impact behind the LA scene(s): He’s astutely in touch with what’s going on in the world adding mass extra curricular value, having pursued thousands of hours of community service; mentoring, speaking and lecturing (working with the likes of Harvard University through to University of Southern California (USC) and more). I ask Kiel what he’s currently reading and what media he likes to consume: “Good to Great” (Jim Collins); “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” (John Perkins) are in the mix, along with the likes of Tech Crunch, Hypebeast and Monocle – as it’s enough diversity in complex subject matter that inspires new thinking for his already super intellectual, curious mind.

Steering the social entrepreneurship dialogue – @globalrcn – University of Southern California


‘Tech in Southeast Asia’ dialogue – @globalrcn – University of Southern California


UCLA Bruin Entrepreneurs dialogue on Linkin Park, music and innovation


“I’ve always been so curious in so many different areas…But working in multiple areas and in the way that I work, it’s more about curiosity and being open and being a good listener…” (KB)

When touching on trends, influence and pioneering movements, Kiel believes that what excites millennials is “social purpose built into the fabric of innovation”. And influence is “being able to help others understand a vision and them feeling compelled to follow that, but the insight it comes from is truth and authenticity. An influencer or an individual who is capable of influencing a group of people has to be authentic in that message…” (KB). And as an emerging influencer himself, he’s authored ‘STUNT‘ (“STUNT (noun, verb, adjective): The art of channeling your optimal lifestyle to inform how you communicate who you are and the career path you choose”) – as a “perspective of a guy who’s still on his journey”. STUNT was written from the 3rd person and sets out to “codify” what he’s experienced and learned as to inspire others. Now entering into his self proclaimed “expansion mode”, it’s all about “searching for perfection, but being happy with the journey” (KB). Listen in to our interview here for his words of wisdom, layered perspective(s) and dope insights into what value creation in our world today can look like. Interview also available via iTunes.

Kiel Berry Instagram | Kiel Berry Twitter | The Stunt Company | Machine Shop Ventures


Interview recorded at BNV Studios, Hollywood | BNV Studios Instagram | BNV Studios Twitter

Written and Hosted by Georgii Speakman

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