Jack Bedwani: Changing the Face of Global Influence

“Back yourself and have confidence. You’ve got to do what you love. If you’re passionate about it, you can find a way to make money from it. Start with the things that you’re passionate about… I’ll find things that really interest me. I’ll jump right in… And ask a ton of questions along the way…” Jack Bedwani

I believe Jack Bedwani (JB), (CEO/Co-Founder of the projects*, a global influence agency) has found a sweet spot; “in today’s market, there’s too much noise. There are a lot of people talking and not enough listening”. But what’s the key to reducing noise and amping up experience? The term “influence” and “influencers” mean different things to different people, but lets not complicate the landscape. Where too many businesses are cheapening the art and science of influence, and the ‘pay for play’ concept is an oversaturated one; moving and shaking in the world of influence/influencers can be as simple as “commanding and directing someone towards an action” JB. But what does that really mean or look like when striving towards creating a sustainable dialogue for the long term? “Real influence is when you have the ability to affect people’s decisions and take people on a journey or introduce them to something new…” says Jack. And there’s no better way to ignite sensory engagement, genuinely deepening a community connection to a brand than via quality experience itself.

“Nurturing communities and genuine human interactions is a rare proposition. Too many people are focused on the immediate tangible result. We dial into popular culture; trends as they’re forming and movements as they’re happening…” JB.

Jack Bedwani Moderating a Panel for preeminent global brand, Jameson for their Summit on the ‘Secrets of Influencer Marketing’ in Ireland:


The power of understanding pop culture, business, people, brands and a global market directly correlates with having a taste for the high touch, and this is the space Jack has successfully been playing in for well over a decade now – and he’s only 33. Jack has harnessed relationships with global brands across markets such as Australia, Asia, UK/EUR and North America. What Jack and the projects* have in their favor is an ability to really understand and delve into the DNA of a brand and knowing where they fit into the world. “Brands contribute to society and it’s all about how you get people to know more about the positive contribution they have” JB. I couldn’t agree more.

“I always have been and always will be an avid follower of popular culture: Galleries, exhibitions, music and am very interested in fashion. I love following the arts: Listening, watching and observing…” JB


I ask Jack about some of the exciting projects he has been, and is currently working on: From taking his staff members on a company retreat to Pioneer Town, California where they all embarked upon a three day workshop for the sake of deepening efficiency and alignment – incorporating sunrise dance parties, meditation and sound bath experiences at the Integratron; launching a global content studio; right through to developing a social impact and sustainability venture – there’s been a great deal on the cards. And beyond these initiatives, Jack has recently tasked himself with the challenge of hitting the high risk slopes in Alaska to Heli Ski. I think we have a culture shifting renegade master on our hands…

Tune into the podcast via Soundcloud or iTunes to hear more on Jacks take on market differences between Australia, UK and the USA; what gets him out of bed in the morning; his words of wisdom, motivation and education – personally and professionally + much more. I promise the dialogue will inspire a change in thinking and challenge you to revisit what influence really means to you.

Jack and his LA team on their company retreat in Pioneer Town:


Jack Heli Skiing in Alaska:


To reach Jack and team, visit www.liveintheprojects.com:


Photo credits: Tory Stolpher Photography | Katie Davis (DJ) | Jack Bedwani (selfie)

Interview recorded at BNV Studios, Hollywood | BNV Studios Instagram | BNV Studios Twitter

Written and Hosted by Georgii Speakman

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  • Craig F. Thompson says:

    Mr Bedwani, just from reading the little blurb you posted, for some reason I envision you owning and operating a major movie/TV/radio/internet….production company, along with Ms. Speakman and a few others….I’m holding my breath in the moment such an opportunity arises!

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