Pat Grossi: aka Active Child

“Sometimes you make something that people don’t like or don’t think is that great. Or something that you’re personally disappointed in. So you have to continually stand up for yourself – on the inside. You have to believe in yourself…” Pat Grossi, aka Active Child.

In a world full of cluttered noise, we seek to find solace in sounds that resonate deeply within us – moving, shifting, shaping perspective and feelings – providing us with a platform that allows us to make greater sense of the world… and ourselves. I like that in all of Pat Grossi’s music, I soulfully land somewhere awakening – especially when in the presence of his live sets. That choir-esque, classical voice; moody strings i.e. Harp / Cello (and bass, keys, drums) gets the internal ‘soot’ all rustled; having it emerge a little to the top; stirring your insides, but settling again to find this Active Child inspired ‘peace’. Just take a listen if you’re not familiar. I promise there’s a sound, moment or lyric that’ll do something to you.

Grossi possesses a great artistic approach to building, developing and evolving his sound, maintaining that signature new wave, new-agey; Enya-like, alt RNB / PBRNB (or hipster RNB) style. Hailing from a music and art fueled family (his Father is ex-Priority Records, Mom is still a superbly talented artist); Grossi organically trusts his process of creation and is driven by a spontaneous mood, thought or emotion, and proceeds to revel in that activation whilst it’s rich in possibility.

“Music will always be in my DNA, regardless of the audience…” Grossi 

His albums, You Are All I See and Mercy have generated quite the stir and underground following + fan base. Grossi’s collaborations with Ellie Goulding, Mikky Ekko and Gilbere Forte have done exceptionally well in the realms of publishing, and provided Grossi with an opportunity to showcase his talents in different lights/sounds. Ellie Goulding’s cover of Hanging On has been a particular fav and success. But moving forward, we can’t wait to experience the next wave of Grossi brilliance.

In our chat, we touch on his up bringing and background, creative inspirations and work process; major influencers, demands of touring, the “business” of being an artist and more. Listen in to our interview with Pat Grossi, aka Active Child via Soundcloud or iTunes here



Pat Grossi/Active Child on Soundcloud:

Exert from Pat Grossi:

“The stunning new two part video directed by pier pictures and featuring Aliana Lohan is now live at This one feels very special to me. Each time I watch it I find myself compelled by a new emotion, transfixed, lost in an endless gaze. But I think directors TS&R captured it best… “While it may it be possible to fall in love with a portrait, moving and still, the heartbreak is that we are always kept at a distance from this romance. The intimacy and closeness we are able to experience is always untouchable. In front of the glass door of a picture frame or the canvas of a painting, we are only allowed to look. We cannot smell the sea, or feel the wind but still we are there. When asked to spend 4½ mins lost in a stare, the connection to our subject and backdrop grows. The mystery and curiosity begs us to know more and wait for change, if any at all. Without judgement it simply asks us to be curious.” Midnight Swim and Darling are off my new album #Mercy which is available now…”

Artistic integrity in Active Child’s Instagram feed. We are fans:


An earlier dedicated spoken word piece on Active Child, 2015 – “Dear God, Have Mercy”.

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This interviewed was recorded at BNV Studios, Hollywood | BNV Studios Instagram | Facebook |Twitter

Interview hosted and written by Georgii Speakman

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