Kendrick Lamar: Calling In Greatness

“All my life I had to fight…We goina’ be alright” Alright (Kendrick Lamar)

A true King leads his people with light, love, hope and encouragement.

In ‘Witnessing Greatness’, the video elevates the new wave of thinking, highlighting prospects for evolution no matter one’s circumstance.

We’re all born into the world that we are, in the way that we are for a reason. Compton has been Kendrick’s God-blessed stomping ground, providing him with deep and meaningful cause for story-telling and elevating the voices, talent, hearts, souls and minds of his peers and future generations.

Growing up in Compton has so beautifully and wondrously served Kendrick… He’s taken all that he’s endured to master a voice for his people; story-tell with depth and insight; wisdom and knowledge.

This video drives home the message that the only limitations for anyone are those that exist within one’s own mind. The skies the limit on what you can achieve no matter where you’ve come from or what you’ve endured.

Kendrick’s refreshing outlook always promotes one’s ability to break the mould, paradigms and limiting belief systems.

As a result, we’re big #FANS.

Revisit ‘Words on the West-coast King’.

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