Sean Burke: Renegade Master of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative

For Sean Burke it’s simple: “Number one – what’s the problem? And number two – do I want to change it?” – Sean Burke

When Sean Burke enters the room, you feel like you’re encountering a younger Sir Richard Branson. Similarly to Sir Richard, Sean possesses that charisma, energy and charm that allows you to believe he’s lived an interesting and colorful life thus far, not to mention having all the qualities of a leader. Sean’s career has of course been multi-layered as it commenced in the entertainment industry – roughly a decade was spent in Estate Management and Security Services for Private Families; he was the Founder & CEO of the Personnel Resource (in Entertainment) and in recent times, a solid seven years were spent immersed in ensuring his non-profit, the Paparazzi Reform Initiative’s bills were passed. A true game-changer, Sean knows that every good idea can be imagined and brought into reality, not only through hard work, but primarily focus, dedication and commitment (and in his case, a bloody good Lawyer – stay tuned). Sean lives by the principle of “don’t tell me – show me” and as a result, seven years of ‘behind the scenes’ renegading saw California Governor Brown sign both Paparazzi Reform bills into law in September, 2014. But like any big win, it’s the journey and lessons learned along the way that counts. In our conversation, Sean shares as much about his confidential line of work as he’s permitted to, but if you had come close to witnessing what he has, such as assault, abuse and major accidents caused by the Paparazzi ‘hunting’ his clients over the years like prey, you may have been as determined to make the changes Sean has. Having had these first hand experiences significantly deepened Sean’s empathy, compassion, knowledge and understanding of what it was that celebrities experienced on a daily basis, and the wonderful news is that the Paparazzi Reform Initiative not only positively impacts celebrities, but the everyday person as well. The concept birthed from his heart to pursue “the restoration of an individual’s right to privacy in our rapidly advancing technological age through education, legal action, lobbying and other effective methods”. The biggest question Sean has asked himself over the years and then acted upon is “number one is ‘what’s the problem’ and number two, ‘do I want to change it’?” With this accolade and achievement under his belt, Sean has now completed the book ‘How To Press America’s Reset Button’ and set up his second non-profit, ‘Reset Our Gov’ (where all proceeds from his book will benefit the non-profit). The goal is to influence the national elections in 2016 in a way that puts the U.S. on a healthier, more sustainable path. Whilst ambitious in philosophy and approach, Sean has proven to himself, the entire Paparazzi + celebrity obsessed industry and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) Board that his ideation and unstoppable self-belief is more than capable of making pertinent change in our society, benefitting all those that count most. We cannot wait to see what the next 2 – 5 + years bring about for Sean and American society. Stay tuned for more of his game-changing adventures. Listen to the podcast interview with Sean Burke here and please see the Soundcloud link above. 





Exerts from Sean Burke:

“This is breaking news:  The 2nd District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles ruled today that the law we helped get passed and signed into law in 2010 that was used to prosecute paparazzo Paul Raef in 2012 is, in fact, constitutional and does not violate the Freedom of the Press. The court also unanimously declared that the “law is not vague and does not place an undue burden on the rights of newsgatherers, as opponents of the statute have argued.” See the full article here at CBS News: We’ve either supported, or directly sponsored, four new privacy rights laws in California since 2009.  And in each case, we’ve argued against our opponents that none violate the constitution.  It’s fantastic to hear in this case the court wholeheartedly agrees. We couldn’t be more pleased.  A very good day for privacy rights in California”.

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Hollywood Reporter, Wednesday September 30, 2015:

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