Anthony Mark Saul: Eyes Are The Windows To His Soul

“You’ve got to have creative outlets and pursue things that are joyous and happy and beautiful because otherwise the world becomes incredibly serious and a difficult place to live and there’s enough of that going on…”

I discovered Saul and his work in East London. A down to earth creator + intellect who makes video art (music directorial’s) and produces beautiful imagery (photography) – mainly for fashion and music. Saul’s story is a slightly more layered one, having emerged from the music industry himself. He knows how to harness the deeper subjects of life, but also recognizes the beauty in simplicity, focusing on subject matter, such as eyes, profiles (and eyebrows). Having worked for some of the biggest names in the biz, such as Paloma Faith, JLS, Sony Music, Epic Records et al, Saul remains very much down to earth, humbled by his freedom to create.



















Some of his art to date:

Saul Ashby


Neil Bonner


Paloma Faith

Only Love Can Hurt Like This


Never Tear Us Apart


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View the interview in ‘The People Series’ on iTunes

Saul – Directorial Showreel

Anthony Mark Saul

Saul – Instagram

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