Reuben Hollebon: Terminal Nostalgia

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“Time moves at a lovely speed and if you spend time focusing on things from the past or things in the future, then you’re not doing it right. You need to be now…” Reuben Hollebon

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When I first heard Reuben Hollebon, curiosity dominated my desire to know and understand the artist and individual behind this magic. He is a graceful, completely humble, gentle and soulful individual. Reuben’s presence radiates through his musical sound and abilities on stage to captivate his audience. He’s a deeply heartfelt and vulnerable story-teller with other worldly depth. Reuben’s commanding humility centers on having you pay attention, luring you in with his raw rustic richness and meaning behind the curve of each and every sound and word sung. The gentle power behind his voice carries through many holy moments amidst his quiet energy and ghostly, but warming sound. The likes of Clutch, Seven and Faces boast an unusual and interesting vocal journey, layered with hidden keys from the likes of Rhodes, harmonium, the piano (on most things); two to three different acoustics; and different types of bass, and drums recorded together. The unsuspecting changes in his music keep you astute to both his vocal, writing and producing talents, but also in his ability to mirror  back to you, aspects of your vulnerable, moving, hopeful and aspirational self. This makes him timeless. Having already touched the hearts of audiences across Stockholm, Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, across the UK and throughout the US; we can anticipate an even greater impact by Reuben and his album, Terminal Nostalgia (also the name of his recording studio out of the UK). Listen in to hear more about Reuben’s journey thus far and how his non linear songwriting structure is informing the future of nurturing true musical individualism.  
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Photo credits: Miriam Santos

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