Tamra Keenan: Here She Is. From ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ to the studios of Nickelodeon

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Tamra has that velvety tone that finds itself slipping into various repertoires. Half the time you wouldn’t know if you’re consuming the talent of Tamra given the amount of mediums and genres she’s working across today.

Wet your ears with the sweet sound of Tamra Keenan. But don’t be fooled. Tamra has that velvety tone that finds itself slipping into various repertoires – traditionally across dance, pop and electro, but in recent times, for commercial television and other platforms/genres too. Half the time you wouldn’t know if you’re consuming the talent of Tamra, given the amount of collaborations she’s doing and artists she’s currently writing for in and around the City of Angels. Tamra started her career in the UK as breakbeat act ‘Beber & Tamra’;  their debut single ‘Traveling On’ (I found a deep remix I like by Gabriel & Dresden – see below). ‘Traveling On’ was “Single of the Week” on Radio 1 and in the NME, and their album went on to critical acclaim, receiving “Album of the Month” with a lot of dance music press – gracing the covers of magazines like DJ,  Mixmag and toured all over Europe, playing shows with Fatboy Slim and Uncle. Following on from this early success, Tamra joined the Future Funk Squad and toured all over Europe and Asia. Tamra took a break from the world of breaks and focused on a solo album, working with friend and Mentor the legendary Derek Green, who signed the Sex Pistols, The Police , Joan Armatrading and Art of Noise to name a few. Derek teamed Tamra up with Phil Manzanera and Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music to work on her first solo EP. It was a phone call from David Morales that saw Tamra fly to NYC to work on his second Album, ‘2 Worlds Collide‘. Together, they wrote three songs including Hit Single Here I Am, which was remixed (by the relatively unknown / up coming DJ producer at the time), Kaskade. ‘Here I Am’ made No. 1 on the Dance Billboard and featured in the movie we all love, ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘. Tamra went on to write Hit Song, ‘Angel On My Shoulder‘ and many more dance collaborations, including with EDX, Cedric Gervais, Paul OakenfoldBad Boy Bill…  the list goes on. Tamra has performed at Glastonbury Festival five times and has toured across Asia, South America, North America, Europe and the UK – playing many clubs and festivals. What’s keeping Tamra busy these days is writing for many other artists across nearly every other genre, as well as writing songs for various movie soundtracks. Tamra has recently written nearly 50% of the songs for the new hit show on Nickelodeon, “Make it Pop” including the theme song. She is also working on her own EP and has new music releasing with the likes of KaskadeDavid Morales and Paul Oakenfold soon!  (Plus several other secret projects that will soon blow your britches off!)

‘Here I Am’ – The Devil Wears Prada Soundtrack (David Morales + Tamra Keenan):

‘Traveling On’ (Beber & Tamra – Gabriel & Dresden Campfire Remix):

Breakout bites of looser conversation!

When did you first meet David Morales?

“There was ten years in between bitch…!” (From meeting David Morales to arriving in the City of Angels)!

Favorite moment of being in Future Funk Squad:

Shoutout to Kirsty Hawkshaw – It’s A Fine Day:

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