Thomas Brodahl: Creative Polymath + Spiritual Pathfinder + Uniter of People

Technology + spiritualism. Perhaps our futures answer.

Tucked away in the back streets of Venice Beach is a quiet, humble abode: The work space, place and community ‘shelter’ that welcomes and nurtures the talent of  artistic leaders of industry; looking to work with like-minded individuals on complimentary journeys. The way this community has evolved is through trust, intuition and referrals. Here you’ll find creative polymath, spiritual pathfinder and uniter of people, Thomas Brodahl leading the way. I had the pleasure of first meeting Thomas at a Love Mob event in 2013. Since then, I’ve witnessed the gradual evolution of  his tech/mobile app/start-up career; expanding portfolio of freelance work (that currently see’s him working with one of the most exciting and revolutionary technologies the world is yet to fully see), as well as continue to open himself to his journey as a spiritual pathfinder. I ask Thomas what it all means. It could be a mouthful for some (i.e. creative polymath/spiritual pathfinder/uniter of people), but couldn’t be more on point when trying to ‘define’ who this exceptional creative and thinker is. A prolific entrepreneur and speaker recently stated at a conference I attended “…these three things will change our lives forever: Technology, healthcare and entrepreneurship”, and I couldn’t agree more. These three areas are key to Thomas’ current career trajectory and mission. It personally thrills and excites the pants off me, because here you have an individual dedicated to spiritualism and the rapid, crucial, beneficial evolution of technology with a mad taste for creative/visual design. If Thomas believed in marriage, I think I’d propose. But on a serious note, the world needs more skilled entrepreneurs that are less hungry for ego gratification and more concerned with the doing piece – coming from the right place, space and intention. It’s easy to digest a dialogue with the likes of Thomas, because it’s in these moments you’re reminded that humanity can and is shifting, and shaking up – all in the right direction(s). Tune in for some cool news of what’s to come in the world of global technology…and more.


Space ship earth.


Home office ideation.


“You become what you say and what you say becomes you…”


Thomas and his home boy Bodhi.


Home print.


Broom stick man. Friend.


Creative collective #VeniceBeach


A taste of ‘Ora’.


Thomas and his #xtrapop face.


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