Natology: She’s a Post-Contemporary Art House

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NATOLOGY: Is a post-contemporary art house that specializes in art experience, production, marketing, and representation, by Nathaly Charria



  1. a platform in which all previous truths about artistic expression and cultural norms are suspended and radically shaken, not stirred. 
Natology is the vessel in which curator Nathaly Charria uses to exercise her creative practices. Inspired by creative movements and a talented network of artists, Natology merges new mediums and avenues to expand the scope of creators. What I love about this woman is that she is all ‘woman’ – sensual, strong, forthcoming, creative, passionate, colorful and confident. Nathaly’s electric vibe and colorful energy radiates in all that comes from her – whether it be a conversation, a concept, an exhibition or production. She’s also a magical and generous spirit – a true woman of the world, drawing inspirations from her life experiences, expansive travel expeditions and openness. We hear from Nathaly on what it means to be an artist in today’s artistic climate; how to create that point of difference and how her extensive studies in international relations in many ways set the precedence for what has since come. Through innovative and specialized branding, Natology curates and progressively defines the fine arts, fashion, and creatives with momentary and exclusive experiences. Nathaly has curated and produced work for Honor Fraser Gallery, FriendsWithYou, Scope Art Fair and Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). Natology’s artists have performed in works by Marina Abramovic, Mike Kelley, Billy Idol, and Lady Gaga with venue accreditations that include MOMA / PS1, LACMA, MOA, MOCA, and Palais de Tokyo. I’m thrilled to share with you #RAINBOWBODY (Thursday April 9, 2015 – 8473 Melrose Place, Los Angeles CA 90069 – Get it in people and stay tuned for more amazing creations by Natology to come.

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View the interview in ‘The People Series’ on iTunes

Photo credit: Shelby Sells + Georgii Speakman

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