Elizabeth Gonzalez: Ambition Entrepreneurial Program + The #MeToo Experience

Student, Elizabeth Gonzalez from #ECHS shares her experience on what it was like sharing her “me too” in a classroom full of peers and mentors via Ambition’s Entrepreneurial Program.

The Ambition Entrepreneurial Program encourages students to share their “me too” experience in order to equalize the environment and encourage #Mercy – compassion and forgiveness for themselves, their peers and anyone in their lives that may have affected them – transforming any victim mentalities into a ‘problem-solution’ focus, whereby the students learn entrepreneurial group learning skills, which they apply to creative projects. We asked Elizabeth a series of questions pertaining to the experience of sharing her “me too” as the program believes that there’s always a me too: “I learned that whenever you feel that you’re alone in something, there’s always someone else going through it, so being able to speak about it and say how you overcame it, it becomes a learning experience for someone else…” Elizabeth Gonzalez
~ The Ambition Program is grateful to be hosted by Environmental Charter High School #ECHS ~
A shoutout to Elizabeth’s dream #Mentor:




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